Live Receptionist

24.7.365 Live Agents are here to ensure you don’t miss a call. We can help answer overflow calls during your office hours, or we can answer after hours and weekends when you are not available. We can be the frontline voice of your business.

With our live receptionist service, you simply utilize your phone provider’s call forwarding feature to send your calls to us. We provide you with a private forwarding number that will be answered with your business name.

Once we answer your call, we obtain the information you need from your callers.  We can completely customize this for you. It can be as simple as a name, number, message or you can have us capture different information based on what the call is regarding. For example, if you have a service company, we can prompt the agents to ask for an address for service calls, but not for general business calls.

After we have saved the message in our system, we can follow a specific protocol for relaying the message. We offer a variety of options such as email, text or a phone call.  Each employee can choose how they wish to receive their messages. We can send them all to one person or we can follow an on call schedule. You can customize dispatching according to what works best for your business.

Privacy and security of your data is important.  We keep your information secure and private. We also comply with HIPAA regulations.  Click here to see a demo of our secure web portal for access to your account information.

We store a wealth of information for your business. We offer customized reporting to assist you in understanding your call trends and grow your business. Our system tracks data for every call.  We know date and time calls were taken and relayed.  We track duration of calls and record all calls for quality assurance.  We can export message data in several formats, including excel, so you can sort and analyze your own data.

Due to the variety of services we offer, we provide custom quotes according to your specific needs.  Our package plans start as low as $99 per cycle.  You will have a receptionist available to answer your calls 24.7.365 and it could only cost pennies per hour.

See how we can help your industry. Click here to see what industries we serve.