Voice Mail Services

Perfect for small businesses of 2-20 employees, VOICE MAIL Services provides you a powerful solution for the price. Your calls are answered by a professional recording with options to direct callers to specific employees or departments. Message notification is available by email, text message or direct phone call.

Receive faxes at the same number and have them sent to your email. Caller options are customizable for your business. Also, you can add a personal touch or emergency option with our LIVE Receptionist service add on.

Not all businesses need a live receptionist 24/7. Sometimes you can use an automated (virtual) receptionist to assist in giving recorded information before giving them the option to leave a message or press 0 for a live operator. There is no need to call in to retrieve messages, our VOICE MAIL Services can email, text or call you with your message.  This virtual receptionist is completely customizable and can be combined with our live answering a service for emergency coverage/notification.

Below are some examples of how our clients utilize our VOICE MAIL Services .

Case Study 1 - Psychotherapist Office with 3 Therapists

Service: Virtual Receptionist with email notification

The Psychotherapy office consists of 3 therapists who work on their own individual schedules. They do not have a front office receptionist.  Their main office number call  forwards to our virtual receptionist  24.7.365 since they are in session during the day and out of the office evenings and weekends.  Their calls are answered on the first ring with a professionally recorded message…
“Thank you for calling Psychotherapy offices of Westchester,  For Dr. Smith press 1, for Dr. Jones press 2, for Dr. White press 3.  If you are a new patient press 4. If you need our address or directions to our office press 5”.  Once callers press an option for their Dr., they are presented with an announcement recorded by that specific Dr. asking them to leave a confidential message and the Dr. will be notified.  Once the message is recorded the appropriate Dr. will receive an email with the recorded message attached as a recorded .wav file. The message attachment can be passworded for privacy requirements. The new patient option will have it’s own recorded announcement and messages are emailed to Dr. Smith since the office does not have an in office receptionist. The address and directions are given in a recorded message that repeats itself 3 times for the caller.

Case Study 2 - Property Management Office

Service: Virtual receptionist with Live Operator Assistance

This management company has a front office staff Mon-Fri 9a-5p. They call forward their lines when their staff is at lunch (12p-1p), after hours and weekends.  They utilize live answering service for their customers with emergencies.

Their calls are answered on the first ring with multiple custom recorded messages according to the time of day. During the week when the staff is at lunch their announcement says…

“You have the reached the office of Newton management company, we are currently at lunch. Please leave a message after the tone and we will return your call after 1pm when we return”. Messages are emailed to the office staff, so they can return calls after lunch.

After Hours and Weekends the announcement says…
“You have reached Newton management company, our normal office hours are Monday through Friday 9a-5pm. If you have an emergency, such as …., please press 0 now and our answering service will assist you. Otherwise, please leave a message after the tone and our office staff will return your call during normal business hours”. Messages are emailed to the office staff.  Callers who press 0 are directed to our live agents, who take the emergency message and immediately contact the appropriate staff.

VOICE MAIL Services is a great way to ensure your clients receive necessary information about your business and allow them to leave a confidential private message for you. Used alongside our live answering service, you can make sure that emergency calls are given that special attention by our live agents.

VOICE MAIL Services start at $19.95 per cycle and can be customized to fit your needs.