Hvac & Plumbing Calls Need Immediate Attention!

A Superior knows the importance of receiving calls for the Heating & Cooling and Plumbing Industry. Your callers want to reach someone day and night when their systems aren’t operating properly. Sending your calls to our 24/7/365 call center is the perfect way to meet your customers’ needs. We will handle your calls according to your instructions.

  • All of our agents work in our call center located in Georgia. We do not outsource our services.
  • We are here to handle your requests 24/7/365
  • All agents have completed our intensive in-house training programming, with an emphasis on the HVAC/Plumbing Industry
  • We handle your calls and messages according to your specifications.

Our agents follow your instructions to relay your calls. We take the steps you require… dispatching calls in emergency situation or holding routine calls for the next business day. Technology allows us a variety of ways to reach you.

  • Text Messaging:

    • Your Tech would get a text message on their cell phone
    • Your Tech can reply to the message without having to call into the service
    • Once we receive the confirmation, we cancel any further dispatch, so the Tech is not contacted again
    • If the tech does not confirm the message, our agents can take steps to contact them directly via cell phone, home phone, etc. or proceed down a list of other contacts.
  • Email Dispatch:

    • Similar to text messaging, we can send the message via email and you can respond to confirm you have received the message. If we don’t receive a response within a specified time period, we can follow up with a phone call and proceed with appropriate protocol.
  • On Call Scheduling via Web Portal:

    • You are in control of your on call schedule 24/7/365
    • No more faxing or emailing your schedules
    • Login to our web portal using your secure login/password
    • Enter your On-Call Schedule and change them when needed. All changes are automatically updated in our system

Need More?

  • Service Requests via Website/Mobile Site

    • Let us help you make the most of your website. Add a “Service Request” form on your site. Clients can complete the form when they have a need. Those forms can email to us. We create a message and dispatch to the appropriate on call technician or enter into your ticketing system. It’s that simple. Your customers will appreciate the ease of requesting support without having to make a phone call!
  • Telephone Reminders

    • We provide the technology to contact your clients and remind them of an appointment or the need to schedule their routine maintenance appointment.
    • Customized recordings available for any situations. Clients have the option to confirm, cancel, schedule or reschedule appointments
  • Unit Temperature Monitoring

    • If you manage server rooms, install a temperature monitoring device (temperaturealert.com). This device has the ability to send email notifications for high or low temperature, we can receive those emails, get the necessary information and contact the appropriate technician to handle the situation ASAP.