Our Technology

SOFTWARE – A Superior utilizes up-to-date, professional software for call handling.  The scripting functionality allows us to meet our clients complex needs.  In addition to text and email, we offer HIPAA compliant solutions, such as, secure text & online client web portal. Technology quickly changes and we are regularly adding features and updating our systems.

POWER –  A Superior has taken several measures to ensure our clients’ needs are fully met, regardless of power issues.  We have a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to keep our necessary systems active during a power blink, surge or outage.  Our UPS will run efficiently  while systems are transferring over to a generator, if needed.  Our natural gas generator will provide power to our entire office in the event of a long term outage.

PHONE LINES – We have telephone contracts with two different carriers. Offering our clients the option to have two separate forwarding numbers.  Our phone carriers do allow for redirection of our phone lines in the event of a long term outage.  If we have to evacuate the premises, but still have utility service, we can remote into our systems from any location with internet availability.  We are in the process of moving our servers to a data center by the end of 2016.  We also plan to have a second location for added disaster recovery.

INTERNET – We have 3 internet connections with 3 different professional providers.  Voice and Data services operate on a primary fiber connection, with automatic failover to business level cable connection.  We also have a T1 connection available if both primary connections are inoperable.