Sensitive Calls Need Sensitive Care

Our agents understand the nature of calls received by Funeral homes. Let us handle those calls when you are not available. We can send important messages to you or provide your callers with Funeral arrangements. We can reach you in a variety of ways.

  • Text Messaging:

    • We send a text of the message to your cell phone
    • You simply reply to the text to confirm you received the message
    • If message is not confirmed, we will continue to relay message via phone call, etc. We can proceed down a list of staff, if necessary.
  • Email Delivery:

    • If text messaging is not for you, we can reach you by email.
    • You have the option to reply to the email and we will cancel further dispatching.
  • Web Portal Message Retrieval:

    • Your staff can login to our web portal to view or print all messages for the last 365 days.
    • Access new messages holding for a return call
    • Access to after hour messages, with information on how and to whom they were relayed.
  • On Call Scheduling via Web Portal:

    • Your staff is in control of the on call schedule 24/7/365
    • No more faxing or emailing schedules
    • Login to our web portal using your secure login/password
    • Enter which staff member is on call and change if needed
    • All changes are automatically updated in our system

Need More?

  • Funeral Information:

    • Let us provide callers with the information they are looking for. You can give us a link to a URL that contains arrangements or email us the information daily and we’ll post in our system
  • Customized Reporting:

    • Customized reports are available. If you need documentation of your calls, we can make the information you need available via download on our Web Portal.