Attorneys – Your Clients & Their Issues Matter

A Superior knows the importance of client calls.   You spend a lot of money on advertising and you shouldn’t miss new client calls. Current clients also have urgent needs. Sending your calls to our 24/7/365 call center is the perfect way to make sure you can respond to these calls immediately.

  • All of our agents work in our call center located in Georgia. We do not outsource our services.
  • We handle your calls and messages according to your specifications.

Let us know the best way to send your messages to you. We can do it your way! Our most popular options for attorney’s are:

  • Text Messaging:

    • Receive text message on your cell phone with all message information.
    • You can reply to the message without having to call us to let us know you received it.
    • Once we receive the confirmation, we cancel any further dispatch, so you are not contacted again.
  • Email Dispatch:

    • We email your messages so you will have a copy on your phone or computer. You can print or save them for future reference.

Need More?

  • Live Chat on Website

    • Add a “live chat” button on your website. Our agents are available 24/7/365 to answer those chats. Much like a phone call, we can answer some of their questions and capture their contact information. We can take that information and relay to you, so you don’t miss important business.
  • Customized Reporting:

    • Customized reports are available. If you need documentation of your calls, we can make the information you need available via email or a download on our Web Portal.